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We are a team of diverse experts that came together to create a powerhouse in the hotel management space. This L5 Lifestyle encompasses our values, ethics, mindset, and integrity. Our lifestyle drives performance to be a world class hospitality partner. We are high touch, results driven, collaborators with a shared commitment to innovation and creativity.

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Paige Burpee

Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Known as one of the nation's top salespeople, her vibrant personality and unparalleled approach make her an exceptional leader. Embracing a L5 Lifestyle, Paige finds balance through yoga, travel, and cherished moments with her family. Her remarkable career and commitment to driving topline revenue makes her a perfect leader to navigate each of the hotels performance.

Laurie Wheeler

Executive Vice President - Commercial Strategies

Renowned as an industry expert in driving revenue generation and growth. Laurie's impact is widely recognized in the industry. Her L5 Lifestyle is inspired with a passion for golfing and nature, which perfectly complement her dedication to optimizing revenue. With her beloved puppy Lola by her side, Laurie brings a unique perspective into revenue strategies and a leader of change.

Joe Deutschman

Senior Vice President

Joe's strategic mindset and thorough understanding of operations elevate him to innovative heights. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, he finds inspiration and rejuvenation through hiking adventures with his beloved chihuahuas. With a L5 Lifestyle, Joe brings a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to every challenge, optimizing efficiency and driving success with unparalleled passion.

Aaron Watne

Executive Vice President - Operations

He is known for his dynamic leadership, unparalleled expertise as an industry leader. Aaron is renowned for his analytical skills and focus on bottom line profitability. His L5 Lifestyle encompasses giving back to the community, a passion for wine country, golfing, and brewing craft beer. With a remarkable track record and noble pursuits, Aaron is an extraordinary force in the hospitality industry.

Nathan Moffatt

Senior Vice President - Accounting

Nathan is a highly accomplished accounting professional with a distinguished career in the hospitality industry. He brings a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to the organization. His L5 Lifestyle thrives in the great outdoors, finding joy in every step of his fishing and hiking escapades. He excels in managing financial operations across multiple brands, showcasing exceptional leadership and analytical skills.

Jessica Cole

Regional Vice President - Sales

Megan Farnam

Director of Revenue & Distribution

Travis Naretta

Accounting Supervisor

Haley Olsson

Payroll Supervisor & Account Specialist

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In bringing together our team of remarkable individuals with over 100 years of combined experience, we stand confident in our ability to engage excellence.

With their dynamic leadership, industry expertise, and commitment to continous improvement, our team is poised to take on any challenge that comes our way. As we embark on the future, we remain dedicated to exceeding expectations and shaping the landscape of our industries with innovation and passion.

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